5 consejos para viajar con tu sugar daddy

5 tips for traveling with your sugar daddy

Sugar baby gay imageTaking a gay sugar daddy luxury trip can be a great experience if you know how to take advantage of it. To fully enjoy gay luxury travel, I recommend you do it with someone with whom you have established a good relationship of trust.

Before deciding to accept a trip with your gay sugar daddy, it is best to meet with him to clarify all the details of the adventure. You must know in great detail the activities in which your companion wants you to participate and how your relationship will be.

Set trip details

For me this is the most important part of gay travel with a sugar daddy. Clarifying the conditions of the relationship you can fully enjoy the experience. If your sugar daddy is satisfied, he will count on you for his next trips.

The economic part is essential. You should know if your sugar daddy will bear all the expenses of your trip or just transportation. You should also know if you will have extra money for your expenses or you will have to assume those amounts yourself.

Try to find out what is the intention of your sugardaddy’s trip. Pleasure, cultural, festive to be able to adapt to the situation. You should also know the activities you are going to do to wear the right clothes.

Economic relationship

From my experience I recommend that you establish the conditions before starting the trip and take care of the personal expenses that may arise. This carries a responsibility. If your sugar daddy agrees to invite you before starting the trip, you must be serious and comply with everything agreed. This will strengthen mutual trust and you will enjoy the adventure much more.

In sugar dating relationships the financial agreement must be clear. You have to know if the agreement includes shopping, if he will take care of your rent during that time and if he will also give you gifts.

Personal relationship

When you decide to travel with your sugar daddy to a gay friendly destination, you should always try to maintain a happy and positive attitude so that you are as comfortable as possible.

nvolúcrate to the fullest, make all necessary questions to find out what you like and help him to relax and take in the full experience. When you interact with other people, it shows your education and your know-how. Do not want to be the protagonist, adapt to your role and you will notice how your sugar daddy will increase his confidence in you.

Avoid misunderstandings

Another of the most important aspects of a luxury gay sugar daddy trip is avoiding misunderstandings, jealousy or arguments. For this it is essential that you have a fluid and continuous communication with your sugar daddy.

It must be made clear by mutual agreement if we are going to have a closed personal relationship or if we are free to interact with other people. In this sense you must be very flexible. Remember that the most important thing is that your sugar daddy is happy with your company.

If he wants a trip to enjoy your company to the fullest, you must be responsible and dedicate yourself to being with him without seeking to interact with strangers. If your trip ends well you will have many opportunities to travel on your own and do what you want.

The best gay sugar baby

If you want to make a good impression and have new opportunities to enjoy a gay sugar daddy luxury trip, you must be organized. Prepare your luggage well in advance, have your documentation and everything necessary to avoid setbacks.
Take care of your language, your physical appearance and your hygiene. If you are going to be a gay sugar baby you must be the best. The benefits of a good first impression can bring you many joys in the future

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