Different types of Gays sugar daddy and different agreements

Some time ago we wrote about the types of sugar babys that we can find in the world of gay sugar babys. So we didn’t think it was fair that we also didn’t talk about the types of gay sugar daddys we can find. Every day, the LGTB community that joins the world of Gay Sugar dating grows. We have found many different types of Gay Sugar daddys talking to Sugar babys who told us their experience. We have concluded that one of the factors that most condition the type of relationship is not so much the type of babe but the type of gay sugar daddy that determines the relationship, although this is a subjective opinion .

Traditional Sugar Daddy Gay

Generally when we think of the older men who wear the expensive custom suit with a cigar in their mouths, rich, even divorced and with children. Some are bisexual who have realized that they need something more authentic and modern. This type of Sugar daddy usually has power in some business field and a lot of money. They usually seek to let their hair down a little, forget and travel with a handsome young boy by their side. They are old enough and usually do not seek a stable relationship in the short term, although they are people who like lasting relationships.

Gay sugar daddy twink

There are many young people who reach success early, especially in Asia and South America. In these countries there is a large gap between the rich and the poor. Young gay sugar daddy usually always made themselves and mainly in high tech or Internet industries. Traditional industries generally need a good family or a lot of time to get a high position. These young gay sugar daddy may be too busy to find a stable relationship.

Gay Married and sugar daddy

There are many different situations in different regions due to the culture of dating and marriage. In some countries, a person who has a family is more common to have a lover than in others. But in the Gay world it is usually a taboo. Sometimes a bi man can look for a gay couple out of wedlock, but it is usually hidden and very discreet. You must clearly understand his real family situation, if his wife does not care or they have an open relationship, you do not have to reject this relationship as a  gay sugar baby , but if he is cheating on his wife you must consider it and know very well what he needs and Take it with a lot of discretion.

Gay Sugar daddy Novice

It’s not about their age, they can be mature, but they are newbies in the world of Gay Sugar dating. Be nice to them if they set the first assignment much lower than you really need. They are learning and need your fence shaping the agreement you want. Surely if at first you ask them too much they will get scared and leave the game. You have to be the one who controls this relationship, learning social skills to guide you to organize the best Sugar babe and sugar daddy relationship and build a relationship that flows to what you both want. You may be his first gay sugar baby.

Different agreements for different gay Sugar daddys

When we talk about different types of sugar daddys, we must understand that with each one the agreement that will be reached will be different. These are the different agreements you can reach, choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

  • The traditional sugar daddy tends to have a long-term relationship on the other hand the younger ones can easily fall in love, they usually have a strong sense of control that they need you to be 100% there when they want to find you. These daddys usually fulfill the assignment very well.
  • Sugar daddys business gays have a strong sense of time, what they hate most is waiting to be late, which will be considered a waste of time, so you should be aware of their times and schedules. Even on a business trip, there may be times when you want to be alone and others that need you to be with him, don’t be late.
  • It is possible that younger gay sugar daddys may not offer the same life and wisdom advice that only comes with the experience, but they know how to have fun, they will take you on a good trip, they will find the most fun way out, a nightclub, Drink beer and a crazy party with your favorite DJ.
  • If you want a mature mentor, a little more stability, you are safer chasing an older sugar father.
  • If you know a first sugar father, learn to speak, learn communication skills. Communicate what you need, ask him or her to communicate what you need and communicate when things happen that do not match your comfort zone. Guide him instead of not being nice to him and then he misses the chance.

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