How to break the ice with your Sugar Daddy Gay?

How to break the ice with your Sugar Daddy Gay?

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You’ve been looking for a Gay Sugar Daddy  for a while  and it seems like this time you made it! After a long time meditating, you have decided to be a Gay Sugar Boy and seek a better life . 

As tempting as the idea sounds, we are going to give you in this post some tips to break the ice with your Gay sugar daddy and that you can build a solid and lasting agreement from the beginning, for as long as you want. Take note ! 

No two people are alike, but you already know that! So you should also know that no two Gay Sugar Daddy are the same. There will be some with a lot of love, others much more emotional, partying, sexual and even some who prefer to be in pajamas and slippers to be at home watching series and more series … 
To break the ice and know if you are what your Sugar Daddy Gay needs, the first thing you should know is if you fit into the frame that your GSD has mounted and, above all, what you can offer him.

You must understand their needs and see if they are compatible with yours. If you are not made of the same paste, it is likely that your agreement is not solid, so do not waste time and choose your profile well! 
If you think that this time you have chosen successfully, we recommend all these tips to break the ice and start having a good relationship with your Sugar Daddy Gay,. Well, a relationship in which you are both comfortable! 
Keys to break the ice:

Show yourself as you are

That’s why we recommend that, the best way to break the ice, is to show yourself as you are. May you always look like this! But, above all, at the beginning of your agreement. This way you will avoid wasting time! Being honest with you, you will be honest with him too. Do not feel obligated to anything! We know that, just being yourself, you will get your Sugar Daddy Gay hooked on you. Do not forget that your goal is to get an agreement that lasts and you will only get it by being honest and not crossing your own red lines.

Tell them what you need

Tell him everything you need and ask him what he needs. This will show confidence and, above all, make you feel comfortable and excited. Only if there is good communication can the relationship work. If necessary, and we think so, a good way to break the ice is to establish in your agreement some communication rules, so that you could listen whenever you want. Knowing each other’s wishes is essential!

A clear and fair agreement for both

The sooner you have a clear agreement, the better! Knowing what each one expects from the other from the beginning is the best way for the agreement to work and bear fruit. The agreement should establish the red lines. Try to be clear. He would like the important issues to be well regulated. Issues such as sex (if you establish that you are open to sexual intercourse) or time (limits and needs) must be perfectly agreed. If there is no agreement or you look for different things in these aspects, or in other fundamental ones, it is best to look for another person and not waste time.

Education and humor to break the ice

So that your first meetings are pleasant and move towards something lasting, we recommend that there is no better way to break the ice at the first dates than to mix education with humor. Try to be witty! The more interesting and ingenious you are, the better your daddy will feel and your story can catch a beautiful cruise speed and start receiving expensive gifts and lots of pampering. You deserve them all!

Don’t be a “gay sugar baby drama Queen”

Avoid, by all means, be the queen of drama. It is very important to keep your emotions under control while you are in a relationship with a Gay Sugar Daddy. Do not forget that the Dads seek to have a stress-free relationship, so if you want to break the ice and stay by your side, try to always have a good time and put aside the drama. You have the best dramas and hysteria at home. Go very dramatized to your appointments! Have a fun relationship so that you both get involved and get everything you want.

Show your Gay sugar daddy that you like his age

Many Gay Sugar Daddy have problems with their age. You should make him feel calm and not try to behave as if he were 20 years old. Tell him that you don’t like him to do it, since he will thank you and relax by showing himself as he is: mature and calm. Tell him that he doesn’t need to overact with you, that you like him as he is. It will gain confidence and fill you with attention!

What feels sexy!

Do not forget that your Sugar Daddy Gay is in the market and that it can be appealing to many other boys, so you must tell him that he is sexy and how much you enjoy at his side. We all like to hear that we are handsome or that we looked good. Don’t forget that a 20-year-old boy gets out of bed, puts on a tracksuit and can be super sexy. As they pass, looking sexy, requires more time and preparation, a couple of anti fatigue creams and good invasive aesthetic treatments or not.

If your intention is to have a Gay Sugar Daddy who takes care of himself and cares about his appearance, that fills you with expensive gifts and attentions, and makes your life much sweeter, you should follow the advice we have given you To break the ice and have it by your side. If you do, we are sure that, this time, nothing will fail!

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